VIP (Member) English

VIP (Member) Articles

Chapter I  General provisions

1.  To provide comprehensive, convenient work and quality living services for staff of enterprises in the Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, and in accordance with the national laws, regulations and industry regulatory requirements, the Dongsheng Science and Technology Park Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun has hereby issued this card, and commissioned Beijing Dongsheng Bozhan Technology Development Co., Ltd. as the service provider to provide the related management and services.
2.  Beijing Dongsheng Bozhan Technology Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Service Provider") shall be obliged to formulate the Articles.
3.  The VIP card is registered and denominated in RMB, with no validity. VIP card after being recharged shall not be used for cash withdrawal or overdraft.
4.  The Service Provider, cardholders, franchisees and other parties concerned shall comply with the Articles.
Chapter II  Application conditions and procedures
1.  The cardholder shall fully agree with the "Articles", fill out the "Membership Application Form" and recharge to activate the VIP card.
2.   When activating the VIP card, the cardholder shall provide relevant supporting documents according to relevant regulations and requirements of the Service Provider. The cardholder shall ensure that the documents provided to the Service Provider is true, complete, accurate, legal, and agree that the Service Provider check the basic information provided through lawful means and save the relevant information.
Chapter III  Transaction and business requirements
1.  The cardholder may present the VIP card for transactions at franchisees of the Service Provider, please refer to the list of franchisees on, the official website of the Service Provider. The card issuer reserves rights to revise and update the list of franchisees and the use range of the VIP card.
2.  The transactions shall be completed by presenting or swiping the cards:

  *  By presenting the cards: The transaction may be completed with cash, check, bank cards and other forms of payment;

  *  By swiping the card: The transaction may be completed with the balance in the VIP card;

3.  The printed voucher based on the cardholder transaction will be used as a valid credential for the transaction.
4.  The VIP card may neither be used for overdraft consumption, nor for cash withdrawal or withdrawal in any disguised form; the card balance shall not be transferred to the bank account or non-designated network payment account of the Service Provider.
5.  The cardholder before consumption shall present the VIP card to enjoy relevant privileges.
6.  The cardholder shall use the VIP card for consumption in Dongsheng Science and Technology Park.
7.  The cardholder shall recharge to continue to use if there is no balance in the card, the amount in the card will have no interest accrued.
8.  The cardholder when returning the card shall go to the designated outlets with personal identity documents, VIP card, and the relevant evidence provided by the Service Provider when purchasing the card, and handle according to the relevant requirements of “Administrative Measures of VIP Card Return”.
Chapter IV  Charging items and standards
1.  Activation and Recharge:  The cardholder or their proxies shall hold the VIP card and valid personal identity documents for recharge with no handling fee. The VIP card can be activated upon the first time of recharging. The cardholder may call the Membership Management Center and deal with relevant formalities with the assistance of the Membership consultants.
2.  VIP card makeup and loss reporting

  *  If the VIP card or password is lost or damaged, the cardholder or their proxies shall present the valid personal identity documents to report the loss of the card.

  * The cardholder making up for a new card shall be charged a fee of 50 yuan/card. The Service Provider will complete the makeup of the new card within five working days. The Service Provider may provide a temporary card for the cardholder with needs during the period.

  * The VIP card that cannot be used as a result of wear and tear or quality issue may be replaced for free at the recharge outlets by returning the original card. The cardholder may call the Membership Management Center for details.

  * Warm tips:

Business type
Business outlets
Loss reporting/ make up
Card returning
Recharge Center of Dongsheng Science and Technology Park
Address: C-8 of Dongsheng Science and Technology Park
Fee Collection Center of Dongsheng Building
Address: B1 of Tower B of Dongsheng Building
Dongsheng Gloria Plaza Hotel
Address: C-5 and C-6 of Dongsheng Science and Technology Park

Chapter V
 The rights, obligations and liabilities for breach of contract of the Service Provider
1.  Rights of the Service Provider

  *  The Service Provider has the right to review the membership qualifications and issue the VIP card after the review.

  *  In case of VIP card used in violation of the Articles, the Service Provider reserves the right to suspend and terminate the use of the VIP card.

  *  If the VIP card use is blocked due to force majeure or electricity, communications, system failure and other reasons, the Service Provider will provide necessary assistance to the cardholder to solve the problem, but will not take the responsibility.

2.  Obligations of the Service Provider

  *  The Service Provider has an obligation to explain all the provisions to the cardholder, and provide high quality, efficient and standardized exclusive services to fully protect the interests of the VIPs.

  *  The Service Provider shall fully respect the privacy of the cardholder, take good care of and keep confidential of the cardholder information. Without the cardholder’s authorization, the Service Provider shall not disclose or reveal the registration information and non-disclosure information, except required by the laws and regulations, or to safeguard the personal interests of the cardholder and public interests, and other relevant legal situations.

  *  The Service Provider reserves the right to explain and modify the service contents and forms.

Chapter VI  The rights, obligations and liabilities for breach of the contract of the cardholder
1.   Rights of the cardholder

  * The cardholder shall be entitled to enjoy various services promised by the Service Provider and authorized franchisees (including a variety of free items and concessions).

  * The cardholder reserves the right to know the function, use methods, charge items and standards of the VIP card.

  * The cardholder with doubts for the VIP card transaction shall be entitled to propose enquiries or requests for correction with the Service Provider within five days.

2.   Obligations of the cardholder

  * The cardholders shall comply with relevant state laws and regulations, provisions of the VIP Member Articles, and regulations of each Service Provider and franchisee;

  *  The VIP card is the only certificate for the cardholders to have stored-value consumption and enjoy various privileges, and can only be used by the cardholder. The cardholder shall properly keep the VIP card and password and use in accordance with relevant provisions. If the cardholder fails to transact as agreed, or suffers loss due to card loss, lending and password disclosure, the loss shall be borne by the cardholder.

  *  All the successful transactions with cards or online transactions with the card number and password shall be regarded as the cardholder’s behaviors.

Chapter VII  Supplementary Provisions
1.  Matters not covered in the Articles shall refer to relevant state laws and regulations and industry norms, or mutual agreements between the Service Provider and the cardholder and the franchisees if any.
2.  The Articles shall be formulated, modified and interpreted by the Service Provider. Modification or adjustment of the Articles shall be released by the official website for effect, with no further notice.
3.  The Articles shall take effect since the date of announcement.